Cagatay Sevinc is an art-based Interior Designer. He graduated from the only one and the famous public fine arts high school in Istanbul. He won the department of Interior Design with the first degree of  Marmara Fine Arts University. He also graduated with the first degree from his University.

When he was 18 years old,  he was selling his own oil on canvas paintings. He is very passionate about an art and aesthetic, he believes the universe has it’s own inspirational dicipline.

He has qualified by the competition of Europe First degree Diploma projects in UK-Fallmouth in 2009. The project was about Restaurant/Bar. The philosophy of his design was under the name of ‘CHANGE’.

His profession of Interior Design projects are Whole house projects, Residentials, Restaurants, Offices, Retail stores etc.

Currently, he is mostly working on  kitchen and bathroom projects in Usa.

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